It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a recipe this good. Not since my detox spa adventure. I’m very excited for this!

Om Ravaye Namah,

Everyone is M.O.G.U.L.


I know that it took me some time to post this recipe and I do apologize about the wait!! Thanks for being patient with me. I actually tried this water at the Spa and also found it on Pintrest. I know that it is so hard for most of to avoid drinking Pops or Soda’s (I’m from Chicago so it’s “POP” but that a whole different post alone LOL) but it is important for us to try. Soda’s and some juices contain so much sugar and is a HUGE reason why a lot of us gain weight at a rapid pace. When we are at work or in a rush, we tend to drink and consume what is available to us which isn’t the best idea.

This recipe is refreshing, easy and can be used as a DETOX for clear skin, belly fat, boosting weight loss and your energy level…that…

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