This is one is a great one! Definately going to put some of this in my teacher toolbox! You HAVE to check out Man Flow Yogi!

Thanks Man Flow!

Man Flow Yoga

A full yoga session! Challenging and intense, yet suitable for yogis of all levels.

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That’s right! Thanks for this share!

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Citizens today who are heavily involved in white-collar jobs, working 40 plus hours a week all seem to have the same complaint. “There just are not enough hours in my day to fit a workout in, and that’s why I look and feel the way I do.” However the newfound trend of yoga has quickly grown more appealing to members of both sexes and, members of more white-collar jobs.


Not many things in life are free anymore, hence why free yoga classes capture some of the most interest around, from all different ranges on the spectrum. Yoga has built this standing idea that everyone can benefit from yoga in some way if they are open to the experience


Yoga Journal”, February issue article on kids in public schools studying yoga “Student Bodies”, by Katherine Griffin, and the Encinitas District Superintendent Tim Braid explain some…

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My New Favorite Blogs!

I just found a new favorite blogger! Faith’s blog Gracefulfitness is officially my new obsession. I read one sentence and was hooked.

Thank you Gracefulfitness very excited!


Check her out!


Frances from Lila; I didnt even read anything and determined I loved this blog. I got the best feeling from her and what she believes in.

Thank You!


Check out Lila!

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“The Earth Has Music for Those Who Listen” -Shakespeare

I know I’ve been reblogging a ton of playlists but it is sooooo important when teaching. When I put a playlist together I have a goal to touch every yogi in my class with at least one of my songs. Often times I won’t talk for moments at a time and during those moments I want the lyrics or melodies to speak to the souls that are willing to become vulnerable in the asana.

I hope you enjoy these playlist and playlists to come. I pray you may become vulnerable so that the songs can resonate somewhere within you.

Om Ravaya Namah


Open To Yoga

new playlist for you, my friends

Listen in its entirety – ‘steeped in fog’


1.  Bliss – Long Life (Bonobo remix)                      stones

2.  What You Need – The Weeknd

3.  Past is Prologue – Tycho

4.  Mi Mujer – Nicolas Jaar

5.  My 1st Song – Jay-Z (Instrumental)

6.  Fall Creek Boys Choir – James Blake

7.  Flying – Garth Stevenson

8.  Orange Moon – Erykah Badu

9.  Promise – Ben Howard


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It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a recipe this good. Not since my detox spa adventure. I’m very excited for this!

Om Ravaye Namah,

Everyone is M.O.G.U.L.


I know that it took me some time to post this recipe and I do apologize about the wait!! Thanks for being patient with me. I actually tried this water at the Spa and also found it on Pintrest. I know that it is so hard for most of to avoid drinking Pops or Soda’s (I’m from Chicago so it’s “POP” but that a whole different post alone LOL) but it is important for us to try. Soda’s and some juices contain so much sugar and is a HUGE reason why a lot of us gain weight at a rapid pace. When we are at work or in a rush, we tend to drink and consume what is available to us which isn’t the best idea.

This recipe is refreshing, easy and can be used as a DETOX for clear skin, belly fat, boosting weight loss and your energy level…that…

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