I’m getting married!

Only 18 days away from my wedding! I will soon be a Mrs. Yogi!!

Though this is a very happy and exciting thing I am feeling a little blue. I just finished teaching my last class. I am currently going on a hiatus so that I can focus on deciding my toe nail polish that will match my wedding bouquet. This is one of the hardest to decide!


My yogis will be missed almost too much! And thinking about the time that I will have off I can focus on my own practice for a little while. This means my yogis better look out for when I come back! I’m gonna kick your butt! (in the most peaceful way)


You guys can look forward to new and fun flows for class! In the meantime I thought I would share my wedding playlist that happens to be an awesome yoga playlist as well!



Please enjoy the short time off and I hope to see you when I am officially Mrs. Berry!


“The Earth Has Music for Those Who Listen” -Shakespeare

I know I’ve been reblogging a ton of playlists but it is sooooo important when teaching. When I put a playlist together I have a goal to touch every yogi in my class with at least one of my songs. Often times I won’t talk for moments at a time and during those moments I want the lyrics or melodies to speak to the souls that are willing to become vulnerable in the asana.

I hope you enjoy these playlist and playlists to come. I pray you may become vulnerable so that the songs can resonate somewhere within you.

Om Ravaya Namah


Open To Yoga

new playlist for you, my friends

Listen in its entirety – ‘steeped in fog’


1.  Bliss – Long Life (Bonobo remix)                      stones

2.  What You Need – The Weeknd

3.  Past is Prologue – Tycho

4.  Mi Mujer – Nicolas Jaar

5.  My 1st Song – Jay-Z (Instrumental)

6.  Fall Creek Boys Choir – James Blake

7.  Flying – Garth Stevenson

8.  Orange Moon – Erykah Badu

9.  Promise – Ben Howard


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Check it out…you might be surprised.

Om Ravaye Namah,


inner strength

Jag fick frågan härom dagen om en ny yoga playlist. Jag återanvänder ofta gamla favoritlåtar på alla mina listor, men här är en ny som jag skapade igår till min lördagsklass Revive & Renew. Klassen är 90 minuter lång men låtlistan är lite längre. Den första låten Aum 2 kör jag inte hela utan bara under den sittande meditationen jag alltid börjar mina klasser med.

Revive and Renew 90 min

Och här är min låtlista till min söndagsklass Slow Flow Restorative. En 75 minuters lugn yogaklass. Och även här är listan längre än klassen. Framför allt för att den första låten Lalitha Ashtotram av Craig Preuess och Ananda är den låt som jag har på innan klassen börjar. Jag har många yogis som gärna kommer en halvtimme innan bara för att ligga på sin matta och njuta av värmen.

Slow Flow Restorative 75 min


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