This is one is a great one! Definately going to put some of this in my teacher toolbox! You HAVE to check out Man Flow Yogi!

Thanks Man Flow!

Man Flow Yoga

A full yoga session! Challenging and intense, yet suitable for yogis of all levels.

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The Magic of Honey

The Magic of Honey

This is from my dear second cousins. They are very knowledgeable about home gardening and a self sustaining lifestyle. Check them out! Lots of information. Breaking Urban Ground and the website Honey is the only food substance humans harvest from insects … Continue reading

My New Favorite Blogs!

I just found a new favorite blogger! Faith’s blog Gracefulfitness is officially my new obsession. I read one sentence and was hooked.

Thank you Gracefulfitness very excited!


Check her out!


Frances from Lila; I didnt even read anything and determined I loved this blog. I got the best feeling from her and what she believes in.

Thank You!


Check out Lila!

Om Ravaye Namah,