I’m getting married!

Only 18 days away from my wedding! I will soon be a Mrs. Yogi!!

Though this is a very happy and exciting thing I am feeling a little blue. I just finished teaching my last class. I am currently going on a hiatus so that I can focus on deciding my toe nail polish that will match my wedding bouquet. This is one of the hardest to decide!


My yogis will be missed almost too much! And thinking about the time that I will have off I can focus on my own practice for a little while. This means my yogis better look out for when I come back! I’m gonna kick your butt! (in the most peaceful way)


You guys can look forward to new and fun flows for class! In the meantime I thought I would share my wedding playlist that happens to be an awesome yoga playlist as well!



Please enjoy the short time off and I hope to see you when I am officially Mrs. Berry!


That’s right! Thanks for this share!

Om Ravaye Namah,


Citizens today who are heavily involved in white-collar jobs, working 40 plus hours a week all seem to have the same complaint. “There just are not enough hours in my day to fit a workout in, and that’s why I look and feel the way I do.” However the newfound trend of yoga has quickly grown more appealing to members of both sexes and, members of more white-collar jobs.


Not many things in life are free anymore, hence why free yoga classes capture some of the most interest around, from all different ranges on the spectrum. Yoga has built this standing idea that everyone can benefit from yoga in some way if they are open to the experience


Yoga Journal”, February issue article on kids in public schools studying yoga “Student Bodies”, by Katherine Griffin, and the Encinitas District Superintendent Tim Braid explain some…

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