My Journey

My journey started with gymnastics; I did gymnastics for a total of 16 years and loved it. It took a beating on my body and mind at times; at those times I would practice a little bit of yoga and meditation.

Soon I grew out of gymnastics and practiced yoga more frequently. I broadened my horizon and started different types of dance, including ballet and bellydance. I am currently a performing bellydancer.

In discovering all types of movement I found myself falling in love with Tai Chi and moving deeper into yoga.

During all this my friend and I discovered Open Studio Yoga. Julie was featuring a Yoga Nidra series; here I found my spiritual connection to yoga and kids. So, the week after I graduated high school I packed my bags for my 23-day yoga immersion to become a yoga instructor.

I have taught in multiple setting from gyms to studios. I have taught various ages that range from 4 years old to 82 years old. I am now teaching multiple adult classes and I enjoying every yogi that walks onto the mat with me!

I hope to become certified in the 500-hr yoga and I am pursuing multiple certifications in aromatherapy, reiki healing, and holistic health. I will continue to dance, play and Om my way through life.

Om Ravaye Namah,



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